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Recycled crushed concrete also was used by Rachel Contracting this fall to build another major trail project in Minneapolis along the Mississippi River. Lyste was also project manager for the Shoreline Stabilization and Trail Development Project that runs about two miles along West River Road from south of Plymouth Avenue to 23rd Avenue North.

The $2-million project, contracted through the MinneapolisPark and Recreation Board (MPRB), consisted of two trails for a combined distance of 3,000 lineal feet. Widths of the trails varied from eight to 15 feet. Walkers will stroll along the concrete trail, and bikers will ride the blacktop trail.

Rachel began work on the project near the end of August 2007 with grading and earthwork, then the company laid down the crushed concrete base and hard surfaces. Approximately 95 percent of the work was completed in November, with seeding and tree planting finished in the spring. The MPRB also plans to add a number of benches and picnic areas.

“The rainy weather and erosion were huge issues for this project, too,” Lyste says. “We needed to be sure that we contained all the rainwater on the site and didn’t let sediment leave the site.”

In addition, the development included erosion control for the river itself. Rachel spread riprap along much of the shoreline, strategically placed brush mattresses, and built several soil and brush layer walls.

The Lower Afton Trail was formally opened to the public with a ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 15. Ramsey County Commissioner Victoria Reinhardt hosted the event, and made a special point of thanking local resident Emil Sturzenegger, who had been advocating the project for a number of years.

In honor of the occasion, a wild bird was released to symbolize the efforts to preserve the natural beauty and wildlife of the area for generations to come. The bird had been injured and nursed back to health by the WildlifeRehabilitationCenter.

Richard Parrish is president of MindShare Communications and a free-lance writer, who specializes in case-history development for the heavy construction industry. He can be reached via e-mail at minsharcom@msn.com.

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