Hand Sprayers And Backpacks

Eyes Open–Despite the best training, technicians don’t always follow department procedures. Observe firsthand employees’ equipment use in the field. Conduct truck inspections to ensure equipment is properly maintained.

Proper Storage–Make sure trucks are set up to provide a secure place for the sprayer. We often see damage caused by sprayers bouncing around, or being placed where they are stepped on or damaged by other loose equipment.

Tracking–Track equipment failures to see which parts are failing, which replacement parts need to be stocked, or which equipment is not appropriate for your service program. Track failures by technician to identify training opportunities.

Putting It All Together

Hand sprayers and backpacks are critical to your department’s success. Invest the time to train employees and properly maintain the equipment. Follow up to ensure it gets done. This will keep employees productive and on schedule, your parks looking great, and repair expenses to a minimum. Please share your equipment knowledge and horror stories at www.sprayequipmentblog.com.

Andrew Greess is president of Quality Equipment & Spray, which designs and builds custom spray-equipment solutions. He can be reached at andrew@qspray.com

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