Get “RevvedUP” About Fitness

Physical assessments are completed by trained and certified personal trainers, and nutritional assessments are completed by trained and certified consultants.

In addition to assistance from Saint Luke’s East and Truman Medical Center Lakewood to develop the program, Lee’s Summit Medical Center and Centerpoint Medical Center have recently partnered with the parks department to launch RevUP and bring it to the community at a cost-effective rate.

Ultimately, the goal is to develop the resources to provide the program at little or no cost for participants.

Teamwork makes it easier! Photo Courtesy of Evan Daniels

Since the 12-week program includes a membership to the community center, a personal trainer, coaches, classes, nutrition activity, pre- and post-behavior and physical testing, and blood work, the cost is $575 per person to participate. However, partners are assisting to achieve full-cost recovery.

Healthcare providers in the community are already sponsoring the program, and employers that are receiving benefits from reduced absenteeism and a happier, healthier workforce are providing support as well.

Meanwhile, insurance providers, helped by reduced costs due to a healthier workforce, are trying to do their part. In fact, once each participant’s organization/business designs its own program (i.e., employers pay $200, insurance covers $200, and participants contribute $175), some insurance providers offer special coupons to further reduce participants’ costs.

It is exciting to serve the community in such a meaningful way. Statistically, if the program prevents just one person from developing diabetes or cardiovascular disease, it is worth every penny.

Tom Lovell is the parks and creation administrator for the city of Lee’s Summit in Missouri. Reach him at

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