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So when kids run onto the grassy field with delight and zany abandon, we know that we have prepared a good place for them.

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Lony Ruhmann is a career counselor from South Pasadena, California, with an MBA from the University Of Michigan. He also works as a ticket manager for the Olympics.


Favorite Camp Game: Capture the Ball

Similar to Capture the Flag, this game requires a player to take the ball over the line and score a point. There is a jail as well.

The difference is a safety zone around the ball. Once a player lands in the safety zone, he or she is safe. In Capture the Flag, only the top athletes are able to both capture the flag and bring it back over the line. With the safety zone, more children are able to participate.

The other difference is the ball can be thrown, and if a teammate catches or brings the ball over the line, that team scores. Many kids in the safety zone decide to throw the ball, which changes the game to one of greater teamwork, as opposed to one where the fastest athletes dominate. It is particularly successful because the younger kids participate as much as the older ones.


Use softer balls that don’t hurt kids. Soccer balls can hit kids in the face and make them cry during the game. Switch to a larger, more rubbery ball (a Tachikara ball). It dramatically cuts down on injuries. An additional upside is that since the ball is bigger, smaller kids are now able to kick it better and participate more.

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