Frugal Fatigue

I heard a new term the other day on the radio. The announcer said it was born out of the frustration many Americans are feeling from constantly “robbing Peter to pay Paul” — the inability of most of us to move past the day-to-day grind where every financial decision comes with a lot of forethought. And I don’t mean where to invest or how to make the most of your 401K. I mean a decision like, “If I buy the …


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One comment on “Frugal Fatigue

  1. Well said Ron. Bad times do often bring out the best in people and can clarify what the really important things in life are. We generally don’t need even a fraction of the “things” that we deem important; over-stuffed attics and garages, and yard sales, will testify to that. In the end it’s the simple things that really count – health, family support, food, shelter, water and air…you know, the basics. You remind us that there are way more good people out there – the silent majority – than the bad that you hear about on the daily news.

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