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The stocking lists are meant only as a guide in developing your own first-aid kit. Please check with your local poison control center and American Red Cross chapter for any regional additions. It is also recommended to check, where applicable, with your Risk and Safety Department, as many times it has its own first-aid kit guidelines. It is also advisable to check with that department when including any medications, creams and snake-bite supplies.

Whatever list you follow, one thing is certain–first-aid kits save lives. Whether you are stocking one for the first time or updating it, the types of activities and the number of people involved all play a role in how it is constructed. Your staff can’t function without it; your public depends on it. Having a first-aid kit well-stocked and ready for use is one of the easier and better ways to provide great customer service.

Steve Yeskulsky is a CPRP currently working in the parks and recreation industry in Sarasota, Fla. He can be reached via e-mail at

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