Dripping With Savings

Foul restroom odors may be caused by ineffective cleaning, but there are two other culprits to consider as well. Often the ceilings attract moisture, which allows bacteria to grow and then release odors. Airing the restroom and cleaning the ceiling often takes care of this situation. If the ceiling is not the problem, then it is likely the floor drain. Pouring water in the drain provides a temporary fix. A more permanent solution is to use a liquid drain sealer.

Priming Pipes

As some parks and recreation facility managers know, virtually all drains by code require a U-shaped or J-shaped pipe. Water fills in the curved area of the pipe, which keeps sewer odors and airborne impurities from being released. If the water dries out, the odors and impurities can escape.

Drain pipes that dry out are actually quite common in facilities, especially those used infrequently, such as schools and even park and recreation centers closed for long periods of time. To fix this

Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / labellanenadurmiente

Photo courtesy of © Can Stock Photo Inc. / labellanenadurmiente

problem, pour a small amount of a liquid trap sealer, often referred to as “ever prime” or liquid primer into the drains. These products are inexpensive and can seal drains for months, even years.

Getting to Know Your Fixture

There are many more common plumbing problems that parks and recreation managers encounter on a regular basis. When problems do occur, many managers just assume a plumber is required. While plumbers certainly should be called to address more serious plumbing issues, many of these problems are fixable in-house.

“Get to know your fixtures,” say one plumbing expert. “That takes a lot of the fear out of plumbing repairs. In most cases, they are actually very simple devices, with easy-to-fix and replace components … and it feels so good to say you fixed [them] yourself.”

Dawn Shoemaker is a freelance writer for the professional cleaning and buildings industries.

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