Don’t Forget About The Fun Things In Life

I recalled when I was appointed to present our city council a draft ordinance requiring people to pick up after their defecating dogs–I carried the nom de guerre “Duke of Poop” for quite a while afterwards. Then there was the time we had a dog as our July 4th Grand Marshall; not just any dog, but the winner of the Westminster Kennel Club dog show.

By the time these thoughts had crossed my mind, I had forgotten about the pressing issues of the day that had nagged my psyche and was smiling about the good times I’d had in the past. Then I remembered what an old friend once told me: “Put a smile on your face and soon you will feel it in your heart.” This is an adage I’ve used ever since and it really works, so, with a genuine smile already on my face, I kept it pasted there for another few minutes and before long the day was looking pretty darned good.

So try it. I challenge anyone to slap a big smile on their face and share it with others and see if it doesn’t bring everyone’s spirits up. While you’re at it, as you begin your day, think of the funny things that have happened in your recreation life–that should kick-start a smile. And if you get a minute, share your funny stories with the rec crew in the field by responding here.

Randy Gaddo, a retired Marine, is Director of Leisure Services (parks, recreation, library) in Peachtree City, Ga. Contact him at (770) 631-2542 or e-mail

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8 comments on “Don’t Forget About The Fun Things In Life

  1. Michele on said:

    I’ve got a smile on my face, now. That was a great read for a Friday morning!

  2. Billy Moore on said:

    Like Randy Gaddo said, whenever we get overwhelmed or stressed, in the recreation field, just think of the reasons we do what we do. Like Randy, I was feeling overwhelmed by what the day and the weekend was holding for me. I would spend all day Saturday at a soccer field, as we had not one but two soccer tournaments. One for 9-11 year olds and one for 6-8 year olds. Plus several 12-14 year old games. My volunteer officials list was covered with not availables for this busy Saturday. About the point where I was really feeling bummed, at WalMart I ran into a woman and her 8 year old son. He would be playing soccer in our Looney Toon tournament. I asked him if he was ready to play. He said yeah, he was going to have fun. I asked “How fun will it be?” His answer made my day. “It will be funner than french fries, funner than pizza, funner than playing tricks on my sister. Funner than anything in the world.” Well at that point I was no longer bummed or stressed. I mean what could be funner than spending Saturday with a bunch of awesome kids at a soccer field.

  3. Matthew on said:

    Thanks for the reminder to smile, Randy. Sometimes it’s just that simple. By the way, I was the umbrella-wielding goose pusher in an instructional film about egg-addling. It took awhile to live that one down. ;)

  4. Tom "Mr. Fun" on said:

    We take fun…seriously! Several days ago we had a small fire start in some wood mulch outside the community center. Not funny, but not serious either. What WAS funny was the little girl that was standing outside on the sidewalk, trying to add “fuel to the fire” by placing small twigs near the smoldering area, and thinking she was helping with our “controlled burn”. The staff that quickly put out the fire all were laughing, wishing they had a camera to take a photo! I now have to run to the store and pick up several fire helmets for our “deputy fire chiefs” in the Recreation Department!

  5. Mary Jo Riley on said:

    I was reminded of having fun while trying to plan some purchases and worrying about where the financing for items was going to come from our ever shrinking budgets when on there was a button entitled “Genious Not At Work”. There this company has a donkey (part of their logo) that you can send for, decorate and put on their webpage/facebook page for all to see. This has simple idea has side discussions of how staff would like to decorate Fanny – the foam donkey they sent us. Even our participants are taking an interest in how Fanny will finally end up looking. It has reminded us of the fun we are trying to create in our work environment for the community. Thanks for the article, it was really timely.

    • Randy on said:

      That is hilarious Mary Jo. As a matter of fact we have a couple of Big Ass Fans and I’ll never forget when we were looking for large fans and one of my staff walked in my office and said “Hey I think I’ve found those big ass fans you are looking for.” And I said “Hey, watch you language!” And he said “No, really, that’s what they’re called.” I wouldn’t believe it until we went to their website. It takes a certain moxie to name your company like that. It still draws a chuckle every time and it’s good marketing because it’s real easy to remember their name. Thanks for the story and send me a picture once you get your donkey dressed up!

  6. Gloria De La Cruz-Sandoval on said:

    What fun it is to think upon those “Fun Times” and to note we are paid for such leisure time. How serious is that! Thanks for the article – it couldn’t have come at a better time for me and our P & R community. Here’s to everyone’s “refreshment of health or spirits by relaxation and enjoyment.”

  7. Ron Ciancutti on said:

    Great article brother! Good to see this side of you!

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