“Disc-overing” Disc Golf

Designing, approving, funding, and installing a disc-golf course is not an overnight activity, but the Geneva example shows that success is possible through partnerships between city officials and community disc-golf enthusiasts. Hosting a temporary course prior to proposing a permanent one is recommended to demonstrate the feasibility of the idea as well as to recruit volunteers and sponsors.

Equally critical to the overall success of a disc-golf course is proactively addressing concerns of community members (e.g., getting buy-in from the DPW, working with a certified course designer, and considering impacts on the environment or existing park activities).

The end result—beyond some very confused woodchucks—has been the revitalization of a poorly used piece of park land and a new recreation opportunity for both the city of Geneva and the region.

Janelle Drach is the director of recreation for the city of Geneva. Reach her at jdrach@geneva.ny.us.

Gavin Sacks is an Assistant Professor at Cornell University, Cooperative Extension in Geneva in the Department of Food Science.

For more information, visit www.genevarec.com.

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