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Editor’s Note: From the weird to the wishful, we put it out there to see what you—the industry professionals–deal with on a daily basis.We picked some of those that will make you chuckle and others that will probably make you nod with understanding. Whatever the reaction, we hope that Parks & Rec Business is the forum for sharing ideas. After all, that’s what it’s all about—helping the community and helping each other.

Project Wish Lists (If Money Wasn’t An Issue)

Community Dreamin’

Dear PRB Editor,

Below is an e-mail I’ve been thinking about sending to our small town officials.

Dear friends, family, co-volunteers and town officials,

Every so often I have a recurring dream. It involves me winning the Mega Millions lottery; at the press conference where all the reporters are asking what I plan on doing with the $280 million and how it will change my life, I announce that after taking care of my children’s futures and my retirement plans, my next investment is to my community.

My community needs a recreation center–the High Bridge RecPlex–a state-of-the-art recreational facility and new community focal point. HB RecPlex is a 200,000-square-foot facility that features a family-focused aquatic center, an activity room, areas for dodgeball, racquetball, Wallyball and volleyball; a large field house with a gym for basketball, cheerleading, wrestling, fencing tournaments, community concerts, performances and talent shows; and a fitness center with a suspended running track.

This facility functions not only as a recreation center, but also as a gathering place for its growing, diverse population. It takes on county status, hosting reputable events, such as triathlons, martial arts and wrestling tournaments. And amazingly, the facility is fully self-supported, providing the community with a healthy outlet while not requiring any taxpayer dollars.

And that’s where I keep waking up–without knowing how this non-tax burdening facility comes to light.

More ideas to move the project forward:

• An area of land needs to be considered for the perfect location for this dream facility

• Revenue bonds or investment monies need to be secured from local/state dreamers.

• A design and construction team needs to be developed to move on the next dream phase.

“Wishing” you the best,

Gary Mills

High Bridge Parks & Recreation Committee Chair

High Bridge, N.J.

A Festive Plea

We once received a letter from a 7-year-old girl who wanted to see a Ferris wheel added to our historic town square.

Chris Mackar

Painesville Recreation Department

Painesville, Ohio

Other Requests

• State-of-the-art computer network data center

• Blade server

• Fiber optic data connections for all of our facilities

Jonathan E. Huegel

Management Information Systems Specialist

Park District of Highland Park

Highland Park, Ill.



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