Customer Service Tips From A-Z

U: Uniqueness: What makes your programs unique? Is it the quality of pre-school programs? Extra-clean restrooms? Unusual games and activities? Highly trained staff? Find something that makes your programs stand out from the rest.

V: Versatility: Try cross-training staff so they become more versatile. They’ll also gain an awareness of the various duties required to keep the recreation program running smoothly.

W: Whims: Add a touch of whimsy to your programs. Learn to use a nose kazoo at the evening campfires. Wear two different shoes as you lead a children’s program. Use bright-colored paper cut in unique designs when passing out notices.

X: Xylophone: Learn to play the xylophone so you can perform at family get-togethers. (What did you expect from the letter “x”? Install a coin-operated X-ray machine?)

Y: Young At Heart: Don’t forget those inter-generational programs. Grandparents enjoy spending special time together with grandkids.

Z: Zaniness: Let loose and get silly at times! Participants enjoy seeing you have a good time. They’ll remember watching you wrestle the inflatable alligator in the pool or leading a synchronized swim performance with your staff.

Silvana Clark is a professional speaker and author, helping recreation leaders add creativity and professionalism to their programs. Her sessions are filled with humor, audience participation and lots of wacky props. For more information, contact Silvana at, 615-662-7432 or

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