Curing The “YK” Virus

I consider myself to be a slightly above-average articulate guy, able to carry on a coherent conversation without too many distracting foibles. So it came as somewhat of a shock to me the other day when my wife stopped me right in the middle of a good story. She said, “Do you know how many times you say ‘you know’?” “Huh?” I said, my mouth still open from whatever I’d been telling her, now forgotten. “You say ‘you know’ just …


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3 comments on “Curing The “YK” Virus

  1. My 11-year-old and her friends all have the “like” virus which is even worse than YK and sometimes used as a combo – Like, you know, when I saw this girl at the pool and her hair was like, all wet.

  2. billy moore on said:

    You know, that was like a good article. It does seem we have lots of little habits that when you hear other people doing it it drives you nuts.You know and the worst, like, are rampant. I have a terrible habit of saying um ok on voice mail messages. I will leave the message and then say um ok that’s it. talk to you later. After reading your tale and getting a smile, I am now determined to correct my habit. Well, um ok, that’s it for now.

  3. Connie Estep on said:

    Took a tour of an upscale equine vet clinic this weekend and the guide kept saying, “This and that” when she couldn’t come up with anymore words. Happened quite often. My daughters and I had a good laugh about it when we left.

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