Creating A Skatepark

Remember, the goal is to create a community gathering place—a skatepark that grows with the user and stands the test of time. Just like any other planning project, skateparks deserve the time and consideration to create a quality facility that all will enjoy.

A skatepark is not a playground, and should not be selected piece by piece, but instead the design should be approached by considering the flow and “skate-ability” of the overall park.

The correct heights and depths of elements directly affect the skate-ability and usage of the park. A designer will take into consideration proper flow lines that allow the skatepark to operate at maximum capacity, without compromising safety or ride-ability.

For those who are unsure where to begin, there are many resources out there today.  Becoming educated about the process and what it entails is the first step to success.

Pillar Design Studios, LLC is a licensed landscape-architecture firm that specializes in skatepark design and construction. For more information, contact Business Manager Nicole Licari Robertson at 888-880-5112 x 1, or  

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