Create Exceptional Customer Service

This past summer, we offered free coffee in the morning and free lemonade in the afternoon. I wanted staff to see how going above and beyond creates a “wow” impression.

Gitomer adds, “To separate yourself from your competition and everyone else, you must take memorable actions.” We need to do the ordinary things in an extraordinary way. We need to engage and connect with customers in order to leave a lasting impression.

Provide Exceptional Service

My parents raised four boys and did a good job training us on what to look for in good service and products. We learned at a young age how to help around the house. We had to do it right the first time, or Mom made us do it over.

One restaurant we often ate at was the local pizza place. My mom was often asked to evaluate the service and, in turn, they would reimburse us for the meal. She evaluated the location’s cleanliness, taste of the food, and service. We would not have frequented that place for years if it did not have a good product.

Many of my mother’s requirements for services and products can be applied to customers as well. They want reliable service, assurance of capable staff, and proof that the intangibles are just as important. It is imperative we provide accurate and dependable service.

If customers cannot rely on us, they will not trust us. We have all messed up with incorrect information being printed and distributed. Take the time to do it right the first time.

One area that can make or break an operation is part-time staff. We hire workers between 18 and 22 years old and expect them to be the best first impression of our department. All staff members must provide exceptional service or the pizza-restaurant survey will not receive high marks.

We, as parks and recreation professionals, need to be setting the trend in fitness classes, equipment, etc. We have to prove we can bring in additional revenue and provide a service that is needed, despite the economic challenges we face.

Although our organization is constantly striving to provide exceptional, magical service, we hope that those who do interact with us receive excellent service and come back for more!

Craig Dishman is a Recreation Services Superintendent for the city of Mesquite, Texas, Parks and Recreation. He can be reached at

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2 comments on “Create Exceptional Customer Service

  1. Dave Hagedorn on said:

    Great article that serves as a reminder to us all of our potential impact when we take the time to do little things in an exceptional way.

  2. Johnathan O. Skinner on said:

    A great article, makes you think about the product you are presenting. The product of Customer Service. Anyone can make a widget. It takes a Customer Service professional to make the widget experience special.

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