Contracting For Maintenance Services

Photos Courtesy City of Brentwood

Photo Courtesy City of Brentwood

In recent years, most parks and recreation agencies have had to deal with the economic realities of reduced revenue and higher personnel costs. On the recreation side, program fees and charges can be revised, and/or programs can be eliminated or given to other service providers to close budget shortfalls. However, on the parks side—which is charged with maintaining the amenities, facilities, and landscape—raising additional revenue can be problematic. As a result, many agencies either are considering or have started to contract for maintenance services.

This concept—which many times replaces department employees with contract employees—is usually viewed as “bad” or something that will not provide the same level of service. However, in the new economic reality, contracting may have to be accepted.  If that is the case, here is some advice on how to make contracting successful:

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