Condense Line Items

Cross-train seasonal staff, including field-maintenance workers, concession-stand workers, and summer-camp counselors, to give the department greater flexibility. This will also keep employees productive at all times.

Accept Donations To Offset Expenses, Operate At An Optimal Level

Developing solid working relationships with organizations that use the facilities extensively may convince them to help by purchasing needed equipment or tools. In addition to giving a tax deduction, offer recognition with a plaque or sign in the park, as well as publicity with the local media outlets.

In this way, these organizations can give back to the community as well as help keep the park running efficiently.

Matt Veronesi is the Director of Parks, Recreation, Buildings & Grounds for the town of New Windsor, N.Y. He can be reached via email at

Ray Sharo is a member of the grounds crew for the town of New Windsor. For more information, visit

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