I didn’t exactly take them to dinner, but I did provide a great snack and allowed them to have it served to them. You’d be amazed how this one gesture touches the people you love.

Sometimes I say to my son, “I have a free hour. Is there any homework you are struggling with? I can help you until dinner time.”

He looks at me with a smile, grabs that book bag, and knows that he just hired a tutor for the next hour and that his evening load will get done tonight in half the time.

He knows I’d gladly help him if he asked, but it’s me actually reaching out and asking that makes him so happy.

Boiled down, it just comes to this: Every one of us would like to be a little spoiled, a little pampered, a little considered.

If we shoot to get half of what we want and half of what they want, instead of only what we want all the time, we will find that compromise is always more productive.

This isn’t a bold new concept, but it doesn’t hurt to remind everyone now and then.

Most of life isn’t precise. You color outside the lines a lot, park in the “no parking” area without thinking, and drift off at a red light as you stare at a billboard that reminds you of last year’s vacation.

Don’t lay on the horn when you are behind that guy. A short quick toot reminds him to get going and tells him that tomorrow it could very well be you.

Give him a break – most of the time he gets it right.

Close enough for jazz.

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He is not on Facebook, but he can be reached at

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One comment on “Compromise

  1. Dan Downey on said:

    Dear Ron,

    I loved your article and I shared it with my wife. I guess I am a pretty lucky guy because my wife is the one that is always cleaning our garage. Having four sons and all of their “Stuff” we are celebrating when ever we get “One” car in our garage.

    Next week my wife and I will be celebrating our (35th) Wedding Anniversary – I guess I can say – Compromise has a lot to do with celebrating (35) years of marriage and raising four boys.

    Thanks for the great article. Enjoy your clean garage and keep making that pop corn for the family.

    Dan Downey – Grand Haven, Michigan

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