Cleanliness Counts

Visibly Dirty Floors

Finally, the fifth item that receives the most complaints is visibly soiled restroom floors. This may prove to be more of a problem in a park and recreation location than in an office building because most park and recreation facilities are outdoors; the time of year can also impact how floors become soiled during the course of the day.

In most cases, this is, once again, a cleaning issue. Increasing cleaning frequencies can help keep floors cleaner. Also, look into how the floors are being cleaned. Actually, mops and buckets can be cleaning troublemakers. Many studies now confirm that mops and buckets spread soils over the floor in the act of cleaning. Alternative methods include steam cleaning the floors, using the spray-and-vac system, or using vapor cleaning, as mentioned above. None of these systems requires the use of mops, and each can help leave floors visibly and more thoroughly clean and healthy.

Facing Restroom Complains Head-On

While the poll found these five issues the main complaints in public restrooms, your facility may have its own unique concerns. There’s no point in hiding from them. Instead, managers and maintenance professionals should encourage users to mention them. Install a “suggestion” or “comment” box right in the restroom. Some concerns are so basic that they can be easily corrected. Others may require changes in how the restroom is cleaned and a selection of new cleaning equipment; however, the improvement in cleanliness can be well worth the investment.

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Robert Kravitz is a former building service contractor and frequent writer about professional cleaning issues and concerns. He may be reached at

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