Choose Your Moment

“If I had to choose one moment

To live within my heart,

It would be that tender moment

Recalling how we started.

Darling, it would be when you smiled at me,

That way, that Sunday, that summer.”

–Nat King Cole

Written by: George David Weiss and Joe Sherman

Release date: June 6, 1963


If you had to choose one moment to live within your heart forever as the most ideal, classic moment, which would you choose?

We all are familiar with defining moments. We’ve seen Fonzie give America a two-thumbs-up gesture. We’ve seen Michael Jordan fly through the air to dunk a basketball. We saw Michael Jackson hit his defining moment at the Grammy Awards when he danced to “Billie Jean” and put the whole pop world on notice. We watched Dan Quayle at the debate podium freeze in the headlights at the behest of Senator Lloyd Bensten, and Walter Cronkite mist up twice–once when man reached the moon and once when President Kennedy reached beyond it. President Nixon told us he was not a crook, although what he had done was illegal, and recently Barney Frank told us Fannie Mae was a solid investment going forward, although it collapsed days later. Tiny Tim “tiptoed through the tulips” while Johnny Carson mugged for the camera, and President Clinton set new marks in creative denial when he told us he “did not inhale” nor did he have “sex with that woman.” We’ve seen a ball bounce off the head of Jose Canseco and sat in awe as O.J. Simpson’s best friend drove him for miles with a disguise, a bag of money and half the highway patrol behind them. Bogey told us what constitutes the beginning of a beautiful friendship, and one-time actor-turned-politician Ronald Reagan became the man to tell Russian leaders to “tear down this wall” and finish Communism for good. Clark Gable reminded men how to treat women that use them when he told his soon-to-be-ex, Scarlet, he didn’t “give a damn,” and an unknown peace-lover came forward in Tiananmen Square in China to challenge an oncoming tank in an act of global imagery.

Yes, we know defining moments. But I’m asking you to go deeper than that, to reveal that inner self that recalls a moment or two of absolute significance in what may seem an otherwise routine life.

· Was it your child’s birth?

· Perhaps it was the look (fear) in your spouse’s eyes on the day of your wedding.

· The absolute thrill your new puppy expressed when you chose him over all the others?

· Maybe it is a negative moment that you find yourself dwelling on. The day the court said the divorce was final, the day you learned one of your parents had passed on, the moment the other car collided with yours, etc.

There are so many choices, so many moments. Such a short time on earth.

Simple Pleasures

I love pizza. Any day, any time, pizza sounds like a great idea to me. I like it well-done and firm, light on the sauce and very cheesy. When I bite into that concoction, I am so satisfied, so fulfilled. I love that moment. My wife’s homemade crust is the best; simply the best. It’s not THE greatest moment I carry in my heart, but it has a place.

I love a warm shower at the end of the day–washing away the accumulated grime and troubles of the day, letting it all go down the drain. My father-in-law, who lived a challenging childhood in Italy and France, still says a prayer every time he steps into the shower, thanking God for hot water and life in America.

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