Calling All Crew Members

“We use a ‘quick-freeze’ list of what to do when we briefly dip into freezing temps, to protect vulnerable infrastructure like free-standing water fountains, above-ground backflow preventers for irrigation, and/or restroom facilities. These would be temporary protections frequently employed in the fall as we may have a 28-degree morning followed by a 65-degree afternoon. This would also be something done only before more complete winterization methods later in October and early November. All of this is weather-dependent, and very unpredictable each September/October.”

– Bob Burkhardt, Crew Chief-North District, Fort Collins, Colo.

“Review certifications and make sure staff training is available through the winter.”

–A. Cory Styron, Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation, city of Round Rock, Texas

“In response to the economic downturn we have developed a relationship with several local tree companies.  When we need wood chips/shredded bark we let the tree company know and they deliver clean shredded bark mulch to locations throughout our park system. This is beneficial to both parties. The tree company saves the cost of dumping the material at the landfill, and we get quality product that doesn’t cost the taxpayers.”

–Doug Guild, Parks Superintendent, city of Henderson, Nev.

“We have been using sonar in one of our ponds that had a significant algae grow during the month of August when there was little to no rain.  The sonar appears to be effective at breaking down the cell wall of the chloroplasts in the algae and seems to work very effectively so far with little environmental impact.”

–Laura Sarno, Supervisor of Parks Maintenance, Gaithersburg, Md.

“Use a tailgate salt spreader on a dump truck to spread bulk Turface (Calcine Clay) onto a dry infield for preseason applications. You can set the rate and eliminate doing the work by hand.”

–Eric Lacher, Director of Parks and Properties, Batavia, Ill.

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