Call Attention To Drowning Prevention

In the event someone is struggling in the water, it’s important to remember, “Reach or throw, don’t go.” If someone is unconscious in the water, remove the person, call 911 immediately, and begin administering CPR. CPR can be stopped when trained rescuers arrive, the scene becomes unsafe, or you become too tired to continue.

Important information to provide to the fire department includes how long the person was in the water, if the person stopped breathing, and whether compressions were performed.

All children should be taught how to swim.

Ongoing Awareness And Promotion

Promoting drowning-awareness education is undoubtedly important to aquatic staff everywhere. The best way to distribute these critical safety tips to the public is to make them free and accessible.

Chandler utilizes its social-media outlets to reach the residents who may benefit from these videos.

For ideas on how to create water and sun-safety videos, visit,, and @ChandlerAquatic on Twitter.

Traci Tenkely is an Aquatics Coordinator for the city of Chandler, Ariz. Reach her at (480) 782-2767.

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