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The lap-swim section has stadium-style concrete bench-seating, which serves as a spectator area during high-school swimming competitions. On the leisure side, a large teaching area doubles as a splash-down area for the water slides.

The facility’s design and programming received the 2009 ArizonaParks and Recreation Association’s Outstanding Facility Award. It was Chandler’s third aquatic center to achieve the distinction, as DesertOasisAquaticCenter won in 1993, followed by HamiltonAquaticCenter in 2001.

Recycling Resources

Hidden throughout the site are additional measures that aim to reduce the impact of the facility on the area’s natural resources. For instance, the pool site originally was densely populated with Mesquite, Blue Palo Verde and other native trees. Of 787 trees, 325 were salvaged and reused in the project and at other city park sites. Preserving the trees saved a significant amount of money due to their maturity and their fit for plush natural landscaping. In the pool areas, artificial turf was used to reduce water consumption and alleviate maintenance expenses. The facility’s irrigation system reclaimed water, and a native hydro-seed grass was used in retention and landscaping, creating a Sonoran Desert native plan.

For more information about the MesquiteGrovesAquaticCenter and the city’s aquatic programs, visit www.chandleraz.gov/aquatics.

Liam O’Mahony is an Information Specialist with the Chandler Community Services Department. He can be reached at liam.o’ mahony@chandleraz.govThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

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