Blending With The Neighborhood

The softball field was designed to limit impact on the surrounding community.

According to Bethke, the project has been a success with the homeowners since “the placement of the grandstand allows the sound from the games to be directed away from the housing.”

Light spill was contained, and the sightlines from houses were maintained as well.

The facility was a success professionally as well, being awarded Sports Field of the Year by the American Sports Builders Association, the trade association for designers, builders, and suppliers of materials for the sports-facility industry. Foothill College’s softball stadium was recognized in the Single Field category of the program.

The team is happy with its new field, the college is happy with the completed project that fits the footprint the school set, the neighbors are happy because everything is community-friendly, and the industry is proud of a great example of sports-facility construction. Sounds like a winner all around.

Mary Helen Sprecher has been a technical writer for more than 20 years with the American Sports Builders Association. She has written on various topics relating to sports-facility design, construction, and supply, as well as sports medicine, education, and health and industrial issues. She is an avid racquetball and squash player, and a full-time newspaper reporter in Baltimore, Md.

2011 Sports Field of the Year — Single Field Category

American Sports Builders Association

Foothill College Girls Softball Stadium (Los Altos Hills, Calif.)

Architect/Engineer: Verde Design, Inc. (Santa Clara, Calif.)

Synthetic Turf Surface: Fieldturf USA, Inc. (Canada)

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