Blending Boards

Albaugh says the skatepark averages about 50 kids per day. He adds that the possibility of skate boarding’s popularity declining in future years led the city to build an above-ground modular system.

“If skateboarding ever went by the wayside, we built it big enough so that we can put tennis courts or basketball courts on it and convert it. The cement won’t go to waste,” says Albaugh.

So far, Albaugh reports that neither maintenance nor graffiti has been a problem at the park. Go to and click on Forms to view Galena’s maintenance checklists for Recreation Park’s various amenities.

“If we can get enough skateparks around the country we’ll help alleviate the nuisance skating. It’s frustrating to watch the kids on TV using stairs, walls and public property for skating. They don’t understand the cost to the community to repair the damage. So if I can get kids out to the skatepark I’m going to save money in the long run because I don’t have to repair benches, sidewalks and walls,” says Albaugh.

“We spent $10 million re-doing our downtown, and right after we got one section done, some kids skateboarded on this new limestone wall, so we had to clean it off and re-do it. Now they’re all at the skatepark because they like to be together. It should be cooperative between you and the kids.”

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