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NTEP ( evaluates 17 turfgrass species in field plots throughout the United States and Canada, assessing such characteristics as quality, color, density, resistance to diseases and insects, tolerance to heat, cold, drought, and traffic. NTEP makes its data available online.

But remember–looking up something online isn’t a substitute for actual knowledge. An experienced field builder can provide information on what works in a given area.

And here’s the best tip of all: Find the best field in your area and talk to the owner or manager. Ask about the type of turf, whether the soil has been modified, and any maintenance program used. The owner or manager is sure to have ideas and tips you can learn from. Information is the best crop of all. Find it and use it.

Mary Helen Sprecher has been a technical writer for more than 20 years with the American Sports Builders Association. She has written on various topics relating to sports-facility design, construction and supply, as well as sports medicine, education, and health and industrial issues. She is an avid racquetball and squash player, and a full-time newspaper reporter in Baltimore, Md.

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