Be Sure To Eat Your Greens

EMPLOYEE: Remains dedicated, loyal and honest at all times because that distinction is as important to me personally as it is to you and the company professionally. May lose my way now and then, and take the wrong path, but my intentions are true. Will probably suffer personal equity loss rather than blame any of my staff for mistakes that have been made. I don’t think that is a fault. I strive to keep my personal life at home, but please remember that, like you, the two lives may occasionally spill over into one another. On those days, don’t press it–treat me as you would want to be treated. That’s easy to remember, no?

My mother may find the following helpful:

SON: Much of what I am was shown to me by you, and I am continually trying to represent that in a manner you will find proper. When Dad passed on more than a dozen years ago, I felt there were things I should do for you as the “only son.” I found that you were already strong and capable as always, so I didn’t know exactly what my new responsibilities would be. That’s when I realized my only job was to continue to love you as I always have, and the answers will find their way through. I am grateful for the way you respect my opinions, and am honored that you’ve given me the trust to help you with decisions since you’ve been on your own. I admire how well you have done, and appreciate the many gifts your way of life has inspired.

My sisters are very tuned in to me, but should check the label also:

BROTHER: Grateful for all you see in me and all your continued support. You should know that I love your children, and would raise them as my own if the need ever arose. I am so proud of both of you and the lives you’ve led and the people you created. Thank you for being the example you are to my children. I’ll never replace our father, but I hope I’ve been someone for you to rely on through the years past and the years ahead because I have certainly relied on you. You two are each a fifth of that place we called “home,” and that will never change.

Finally …

FRIENDS AND READERS: It is you who have allowed me to express my opinions and have actually listened to them as if they have merit. To a person like me, that’s critical, life-sustaining. The above-mentioned relatives have also been “friends” at one time or another, and have come to understand the messages and spirit I am trying to convey. I can never begin to thank all of you for indulging me as I constantly analyze and pontificate, but if I had kept all of those thoughts bottled up, I would have exploded by now. So thanks for giving me your ear and egging me on. A reminder to keep life simple, scratch when it itches, and be true to ourselves is a theme that simply does not get old.

The Last Course

See, the labels I reserve for my loved ones include my readership. I am obsessed with wanting to tell you things. When John McCain called Barack Obama after the Democratic Convention and told him the battle would rage on the following week but for that day congratulations were in order because Obama’s speech was impressive, I hoped every one who reads my work saw the “higher road” taken there. When Obama was offered the chance to tee off on Sarah Palin’s pregnant daughter, he said the race was tough enough, and that the children should be left out of it. Man, that really takes character.

I hope people will say, “That’s the kind of stuff Ron talks about, right there.” A label is one thing, but living life in a manner that sets an example of class and maturity makes everything, everywhere better. Such behaviors will eliminate bullies, liars, petty criminals, road-ragers, and more of the same. Life is so serious on so many levels, but can’t we enjoy the ride a little more? Embrace Monday through Sunday, and lighten up as we travel. Willy Wonka said, “A little nonsense now and then is relished by the wisest men.” Let’s be sure we save room for dessert.

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He can be reached via e-mail

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