Awkward Age

So, on this Friday, November 18, 2011, who is guiding your thinking? Is it your IM telling you, “Dude, it’s TGIF, chill, have an extra cup of coffee and let’s just see what the day has in store?”

Or is it OM, reminding you of the many miles to go before this day is done.

Listen to both voices, because somewhere in the middle lies the best course of action.

Randy Gaddo, a retired Marine, is a regular contributor to PRB and lives in Peachtree City, Ga. Contact him at (678) 350-8642 or e-mail

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7 comments on “Awkward Age

  1. Laura Clark on said:

    Very nice article. As I, too, am in that fifth decade, I find myself in the same condundrum of my mind telling me I am much younger than my body is telling me. Glad to know that other people think the same. I do feel that working in the Parks and Recreation field, and especially aquatics, does help keep the IM feeling younger. Thanks for the thoughts.

    • I agree Laura, working in P&R does keep your IM more active. When I was still on active duty (retired from USMC in 1996) the younger troops were always challenging me, wanting to see the “old man” slow down, which prodded my IM to push OM to greater heights. My OM is now paying for some of those

  2. Rick Buckman on said:

    Randy, Good Stuff. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Georgia Farrell on said:


    Thanks. I really enjoyed your thougthful article, Awkward Age, and will share with friends and family as we are in that fifth decade, and some have already crossed to their sixth. As I turn 60 next February, I am also a little more pensive about the past, present and future. Where did all those years go so quickly? However, I am also encouraged by the fact that people know so much more about healthy choices and are taking better care of themselves.

    As someone who works in Parks & Recreation, my OM appreciates the active adults who are working out in their 60′s, 70′s and even their 80′s! Our fitness classes and recreation programs have a lot of OMs in attendance, which is a far cry from my grandparents’ generation. My IM still delights in working with youth of all ages, even if I am not as speedy and agile as they are. They keep me young at heart, and it is fun to offer them safe and nurturing programs.

    I’m looking forward to 60 knowing my IM will challenge my OM to keep active. My OM, ever so practical, also knows how to take better care of myself.

    Thanks again for your thoughts. I enter the weekend with a smile on my face.

  4. Bernie Rangel on said:

    Great article there for a while I was think I was the only one having those thoughts. I’m two years into my sixth decade and what makes it worst is that Uncle Sam considers me young. Plus starting all over with a new life and wife seems something that would have never happen. What really helps is working in Parks Rec the really young smiles and faces that are just getting started. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Gloria De La Cruz-Sandoval on said:

    Wow! Is that what it is? I am forty-nineteen (you know the last of my teen years) and folks look at me like I’m the crazy one when all along it is the reality of IM and OM finding themselves in me. LOL Truly enjoyed this one, Randy! How about we treasure the secret of finding an age and sticking with it…pick one every day if but just for a moment. :-)

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