Audible Cues

Striking is the same as in softball or baseball.

Base running:

There are only two bases which are in the traditional first and third base positions. Bases are a pylon shape, padded, and emit a noise which lets the runner know with base they should run to. Runners hit the bases with their hands as they go by.

Striking a pitched ball is probably the most difficult skill associated with this game. For beginners, follow a similar progression to that in baseball or softball. Allow batters to initially strike off of a batting tee. Fielding practice is also encouraged before attempting to catch a ball that is struck by a batter.

For more specific information regarding Goalball and Beep Baseball:

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United States Association for Blind Athletes:

National Beep Baseball Association:

Rebecca Woodard, Ph.D., is the Physical Education Undergraduate Coordinator for the Department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation at Missouri State University, Springfield, Mo. If you have any questions, Rebecca can be reached at

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