Anticipation Is The Spice Of Memories

Consider how some couples are embarrassingly in love when they are first engaged but complete duds when they finally get married. Have you ever set eyes on a couple expecting their first child? That glow can provide energy for the entire Vegas strip. But even that word for pregnancy explains so much. Why are they so lit up? They are expecting.

On A Personal Note

My dad never really cared for pets, but once in a while, he would kneel and give my childhood dog Scruffy a scratch or pat. On those occasions, Scruffy would melt, ears pinned back, tail slamming into the oven door, falling to his back, paws stretched forward, looking like he was attempting a hug. It was a grasp at something long denied.

I find that every great romance novel deals with denial. Every successful dramady on TV lost ratings when the couples that were flirting finally consummated the relationship, e.g., Moonlighting, Cheers, Friends. The spectacle of overcoming the odds and achieving what should not come easily always has a draw.

When my kids have sleepovers, one of the best ways to ensure the event stays fun is to break up the time before it gets boring. In other words, two straight hours of video games and popcorn need to be interrupted by a dad who says, “Come on, guys, let’s shoot some baskets, or walk with me while I take the dog around the block.” As they are halfway around the block, they plan what to do next. “When we get back to your house, let’s watch a good movie. After that, we’ll finish the last round of that video game.” Anticipating has such power.

A Thirst For Life

So what about your life? Are you just inside that wire-wheel marking time, or are you looking forward? Do you have a mate or kids? Does your hard-working staff look bored and worn out? What type of intrigue are you providing for them to look forward to? Perhaps think about what they have been denied, and fill that gap.

When I was on the recreation staff grooming baseball fields in the summer, we worked in the hot sun until noon and settled under a shade tree for lunch. My buddies laughed at me, because while we were completely drenched in sweat, instead of guzzling the contents of my thermos like they did, I would first eat a bag of salty potato chips. They told me I was nuts as I made my throat drier and drier and built the anticipation of that cool jug of water. When I could wait no longer, I’d pop the spout and drink steadily for minutes, the cold water splashing down my throat and trickling over the dusty corners of my mouth.

My supervisor said, “What’s wrong with you? Why do you do that?”

I just shrugged and wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, “Oh, man, because that payoff is sooooooo good.”

Ron Ciancutti is the Purchasing Manager for Cleveland Metroparks. He can be reached via e-mail

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