Another Day Older…And Wiser

I think the answer is in the question; OAs often don’t do things we love because we don’t listen to our naïve but wise ICs.

So, as I turn another day older and begin the journey of another decade, I am making a promise to myself; I am going to start listening more to my IC.

The truth will set you free, it is said. The truth is I haven’t always been doing what I love, what really jazzes me, what makes me feel the pure ecstasy of that kid rolling down the hill.

But I’ve turned another year older, so I guess I’m deciding to exercise my entitlement to wax philosophically.

It’s time I start tapping into the excitement and joy; I am going to reach back into the recesses of my being, search for that lost little voice calling out, unlock the gates and–release the IC!

Randy Gaddo, a retired Marine who also served for 15 years in municipal parks and recreation, is now a full-time photojournalist who lives in Peachtree City, Ga.; he can be reached at (678) 350-8642 or email

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4 comments on “Another Day Older…And Wiser

  1. Billy Moore on said:

    I also just aged another year Sunday the 17th. I am 59. My wife told me no matter what I say that next year I am at least middle age. Bull! You’re right, let that inner child go! Yesterday I went grocery shopping. As I was pushing the cart towards my car way in the back of the lot I started running, then hopped up on the cart for a ride. Everyone who was in the parking lot smiled. They may have been laughing at me or with me, but it was fun. As we age we can’t forget all of the things you are talking about. Life is way more fun when we can view it from the wisdom of our age but with the heart of a child. Thanks for making me sure that I am not nuts.

    • You’re not nuts Billy; imagine if everyone in the world would let their IC take over – probably cut down on wars…we could have kickball competitions instead…thanks for the comment.

  2. Gloria De La Cruz-Sandoval on said:

    My prayer is that my OA catches up with my IC. Can you imagine what life will be like when the wisdom and experience of life tunes into the genuine truth, happiness, excitement, and fulfillment of a child? True joy and heart-filled living indeed my friends – Living life and loving it!

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