American As Shoo-Fly Pie

I was talking with a native Georgia man the other day, an older gentleman in his eighth decade of life on Earth, and he said something to me that made me once again appreciate the humor of American colloquial expressions. He was telling me about a particularly uncomfortable situation he once found himself in, and he said he felt like a “porcupine in the middle of a balloon factory.” I had to laugh as I envisioned him all bristled up, …


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8 comments on “American As Shoo-Fly Pie

  1. Barb Burkholder on said:

    This is a funny one. My husband is a native Southern Californian. He can’t get over that Ohioans say “I’d like white milk.” I told him that this is how you distinguish white milk from chocolate milk! People in Ohio call dollars bucks as in Go Bucks!
    Barb Burkholder

  2. Karen Green on said:

    Just strap my face to the side of a pig and roll me in the mud (Happy)

    That was a fence post pusher upper (heavy rainfall)

    You done torn your clothes with me (shown your hindquarters in an unflattering way- embarrassment with little chance of recovery – your true colors)

    She pledged Book Phi Book (took her studies seriously)

    It was as quiet as a gnat urinating on cotton. (silence)

    Thanks for an enlightening and fun way to enter a weekend. This will be a topic of conversation at dinner.

    • George Birmingham on said:

      As quiet as a tick on a dog’s back

      As useless a —–(tot-tats) on a bore hog.

      To the second ridge and take a right at the rock.

      To all have a great weekend.

  3. I wouldn’t spit on him if he was on fahr!

  4. Rick Buckman on said:

    Here is one a friend used often when someone who does not often do the right thing and suddenly does.

    ” Even a blind squrriel finds a nut once in a while”

  5. Gloria De La Cruz-Sandoval on said:

    Or like my New Yorker dorm buddies used to say; “Hand me my pahka book so I can grab me a pop. To which my Native Texan reply was; “Ya’ll are silly – that’s a wallet and a coke (even if their “pop” is a Mountain Dew, Big Red or Dr. Pepper.) Go figure. Happy Friday for this blog was all that and a bag of chips. :D

  6. Randy on said:

    It is Friday evening as I read these and LOL…these are great! I truly have never heard most of these. Youse guys are the cat’s meow!

  7. Maggie on said:

    Just caught up on emails and enjoyed lol at these…one more Id like to share…”now your cooking with grease!” …for when things are on a roll and going easy.

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