A Stereotypical Stab In The Dark

Be careful of your thoughts

for your thoughts become your word.

Be careful of your words

for your words become your actions.

Be careful of your actions

for your actions become your habits.

Be careful of your habits

for your habits become your character.

Be careful of your character

for your character becomes your destiny.



Jane sees John. Jane likes John.

John has been seeing Jane for a few months.

They met at the ice cream shop where Jane works.

Jane is 20. John is 17.

John is an “A” student and wants to be an engineer. Jane barely finished high school and didn’t like college or working very much. She might like to be a wife and a mother, but not necessarily in that order.

Blissfully Ignorant

John’s parents are sad.

They tell John to stay away from Jane because they fear she will steer him away from all the important things they taught him.

But John really likes Jane and doesn’t want her to marry somebody else.

John visits colleges with his parents and finds a good school for engineers.

When John comes back, Jane is sad. She tells him college will split them up, but John promises it won’t. Jane says that’s good because she is going to have John’s baby.

John doesn’t tell his parents and leaves for college. Jane calls him every day. The baby will arrive soon.

John comes home almost every weekend to see Jane, and stays at her mother’s house, but doesn’t tell his parents he is in town.

One day John’s mom sees John and Jane at the store, and begins to cry when she sees Jane’s big belly. John screams at his mother, who runs out of the store. People from the neighborhood watch and whisper.

John goes to his parent’s home and tells them everything, including that he is failing all his classes because he is never at school. He loves Jane so they must understand.

John’s father calls him filthy names and says he never wants to see him again. John’s mother cries some more. She spends most nights awake, worrying.

Downward Spiral

John quits school and comes home to get his job back at the department store. He and Jane live with Jane’s mother because they cannot afford an apartment. John and Jane receive governmental assistance for the baby and buy their own food the same way.

John and Jane ride the bus because they cannot afford a car. John’s parents have separated because of all the tension John actions have created. John’s mother comes to Jane’s mother’s house at night and leaves diapers on the doorstep because she still loves her son, but does not know how to handle all of this.

One time Jane sees John’s mom leaving the driveway in the dark, and calls her a terrible name. John’s mom calls her all the terrible names she has been thinking for the past year. Jane tells her she will never see her grandson.

When there are layoffs at work, John is the first to go, and he finally loses his job. He sees about getting back in school, but his parents’ support is no longer there. He gets a job parking cars at night at a fancy restaurant.

One night he arrives home early, and there is a strange car in the driveway.

When he goes inside, he finds Jane on the couch kissing an older man John has never met before. There is much yelling and swearing, and the two men fight. The police are called and John is arrested. When he is in the squad car, Jane comes to the window and tells him she loves Hank and not to come back when he is released from jail.

John’s parents have disowned him. His friends are away at college or getting on with their lives. His only friend is Jane, and she doesn’t want to see him anymore. John has to serve time because he can’t make bail.

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