A Breaking Heart Still Beats

And now, without the ability to still draw breath, Bruno is teaching Sam again; about real loss, about real sadness that cannot be wiped away by mom or dad or a new toy or some childhood distraction. My son is mourning the loss of his dog and his sensitivities have been raised ten-fold in the days that have passed since. There are people in Sam’s life that will pass on one day just as this dog of his has. If life plays out properly, I will be one of those people as a son should one day bury his father. Whether Sam knows it or not, he is being trained for that day now. He’s in pain. He should be. He lost something and will need to recover and when he finally does he will realize that he may feel better but he will never feel the same. That’s a lesson some people take a lifetime to learn and appreciate.  To love something completely is to have your heart go running about outside your body. Only with that kind of reckless abandon can you truly enjoy, endure and risk the emotion called love.

And our lovable pets and all of the happiness they provide serve us in so many ways it is easy to forget the kind of ground they break. The dog of our youth becomes more than a memory. He is a teacher.

Sleep well, Bruno. The work you’ve done here was appreciated. The heart you left here is still beating.

The writer and Scruffy in 1969.

The writer and Scruffy in 1969.

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4 comments on “A Breaking Heart Still Beats

  1. Well said Ron. I feel your loss. Bruno was a truly handsome animal and friend for whom there will never be a replacement. Semper Fi, Randy

  2. Vern Fowler on said:

    God created Dogs before he created Man…so that Man could learn from Dogs…which only goes to show you how little we learned, but how patient our Creator is (and his Teachers) !

  3. Angela Farber on said:

    I truly enjoy all your essays Ron, but this one touched my heart. After losing my cat to cancer last year, I found it truly amazing how these little, wonderful, furry creatures can become such a huge part of your family and heart. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Angela on said:

    I knew before I read it, that I should not read it because I knew it would make me cry. But I did not listen to my own advice, so now I am crying.

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