“Hay-Days” On The Beach

To find out more about St. Lucie County’s horseback riding on the beach program, contact the tourism office at (772) 462-1539. To make a reservation, visit www.beachtoursonhorseback.com, or call (772) 468-0101.

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One comment on ““Hay-Days” On The Beach

  1. Shelley Mitchell on said:

    I am disappointed that in a horseback riding article, not one word about helmets was mentioned. “In addition to providing riders with the right equipment, the company must also make sure it has the proper amount of liability insurance.” The cheapest insurance out there is a helmet, which is extremely important. Even at a standstill, falling off a horse can be fatal. I think it is also irresponsible of an industry magazine to include photos of people not wearing safety equipment. We have the ability to influence people with our publications—let’s make sure we influence them to recreate safely.

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