Mount Diablo Viewing Deck Closed

After years of wear and tear, a major renovation of the Mount Diablo State Park’s Summit Visitor Center viewing deck, a popular location that looks out above California’s  Bay Area and out to the Sierra Nevada Mountains, has begun.

The visitor’s center viewing deck is undergoing renovations.

The work starts immediately and is scheduled to be completed by early January 2013.

This project protects the integrity of the historic structure and the inside exhibits from water intrusion. The work being performed will be the first major work of the viewing deck since the 1990s.

“We are excited that this renovation is taking place,” said Jason Hart, Bay Sector Maintenance Chief.

“The work will consist of adding a new concrete topping to the viewing deck, followed by application of the traffic coating and the installation of a guardrail. In addition, the doors and windows of the tower which is adjacent to the deck will be re-weather proofed and painted. Finally, the building’s elevator shaft and cab will be upgraded.”

The project will require the deck to be closed for the entirety of the project and the inside exhibits to be closed periodically.

The distinctive building houses the Mount Diablo Summit Visitors Center. Built by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the structure was recognized as a National Historic Landmark in 1949.

It is constructed of fossil-laden sandstone quarried in the park. The building is topped by a 1928 navigation beacon installed on top of the mountain to assist with the early commercial air travel to San Francisco.

The Summit of Mount Diablo was the starting point for the first survey of California and Nevada in 1851.

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