Make A Play Date With Nature

“Parents indicate they want their kids to experience nature, but it can be difficult to find an opportunity that fits a busy schedule,” said Allen Cooper, Senior Education Manager for National Wildlife Federation. “This guide demonstrates ways to make nature a part of every play date.”

Limited space shouldn’t deter homeowners from embarking on Nature Play Space projects.  The Nature Play at Home Guide includes a whole section on “small space solutions” so even patios, small yards, and balconies can provide opportunities for kids to connect with nature.

The Nature Play at Home Guide supports National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There movement to reconnect families with the outdoors. NWF’s practical ideas and activities help make being outside a fun, healthy and automatic part of everyday life for American families.

Check out for information to get children and their families back outside – where they belong!

The full Nature Play at Home Guide can be found at

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