Best Apps For Traveling With Children

The family vacation: It used to be that that a traveling child’s “Are we there yet?” punctuated nearly every mile of any long-distance trip.

Collect all 50 states in the Stack The States app.

Thanks to the remarkable advances in technology, however, this no longer has to be the case. Some of the most valuable (and sanity-saving) travel improvements have to be the inexpensive apps that can be downloaded onto our various mobile devices.

Thinking of making your next family vacation a cruise? Read more about the lines and their children’s policies here, and take a look at CruiseCompete’s current Family Specials.

CruiseCompete surveyed their 2700 cruise experts to find out which apps are the most popular among children and families when traveling, and here are the results:

For younger children:

PBS Kids Video

Cost: Free

Available on: iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

Most Appropriate for ages: 2–7

Get this app for free, then spend some time downloading videos to your device before going on a trip; it will turn your mobile device into video player with some of your child’s favorite shows.

You’ll have to do some digging to see which shows actually offer full episodes, but the time invested will be well worth the peace and quiet en route. And if they’re going to be watching videos, at least these programs carry some educational value.

Recommended by Penelope – Age 4. Daughter of CruiseCompete Agent Rachel- Salem, OR

Highlights Hidden Pictures

Cost: Free “Lite” Version, $.99 for full version

Available on: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Most Appropriate for ages: 4-9

With over a billion copies in print, Highlights for Children is a hidden pictures magazine that hearkens back to days of old; and now it’s available in a new hi-tech medium.

The premise remains the same, objects are hidden in illustrations, but they now change from black and white to color when they’re found. (Hint: to make the game more challenging, turn off the scrollable list of objects in each puzzle.)

Recommended by Carson- Age 6. Son of CruiseCompete Agent Jennifer- Denver, CO.

Stack the States

Cost: Free “Lite” Version, $.99 for full version

Available on: iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch

Most Appropriate for ages: 5-10

A new premise for learning geography… as kids learn about states and capitals, they answer the questions (correctly) and drop states down to a platform. When the states stack up to a checkered line, kids earn themselves a state and move on to the next level.

This game earns rave reviews for both fun and educational value.

Recommended by Nicholas, Age 8. Son of CruiseCompete Agent Anne- San Francisco, CA.

Pure entertainment for a variety of ages:

Cut the Rope

Cost: $1.99

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