Looking Forward To A Better New Year

Practice kindness.

You know how sometimes seemingly random things happen in a certain sequence that just seems like one was destined to follow the other? It happened to me the other day as I was putting gas in my car. It was an unseasonably mild day and with one ear I was enjoying the sound of the birds and the wind in the trees. The gurgle of gas going into my car’s nozzle at a lower-per-gallon cost than we’d seen in a long while … Continue reading

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ASBA Honors Distinguished Sports Facilities

Forest Hill, MD – The American Sports Builders Association (ASBA), the national organization for builders and suppliers of materials for athletic facilities, has announced the winners of its annual awards. Awards are presented each year to facilities built by ASBA members, which best exemplify construction excellence.  Awards are presented in various categories: Tennis Courts, Running Tracks, Sports Fields, Indoor Facilities and Track and Field Facilities. Within some categories, there are divisions; for example, the Tennis Court category recognizes facilities in … Continue reading

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Soliciting Sponsors

Photos Courtesy iof the City of College Station

What is your reaction when someone asks for money? It probably depends on the situation. If a local charitable organization is raising funds to help a family in need, you might be more likely to give. If a person is begging on the street, you might have the same reaction, or maybe you walk away as quickly as possible because you don’t trust that your donation will be used appropriately.  What if a charitable organization asks for a donation from … Continue reading

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Teetering On The Edge Of Life

Some moments have a little too much reality.

If you peel off of Route 91 at Cannon Road coming out of Solon, Ohio, you find yourself in a flat out descent to the bottom of a significant hill.  As the base bottoms out, you hang a hard left and you are suddenly leaving Bentleyville behind you and entering the service center for the park lands that have been so designated for decades now. Just before the driveway to the center you encounter a long winding road lined with … Continue reading

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Cleaning Restrooms

Photos Courtesy of: Kaivac

For most property managers, the number-one complaint from building users is the condition of restrooms. In a park and recreation center, the bathrooms also become the one area that takes the most time to clean and maintain.  The professional cleaning industry is well aware of this conundrum, and over the years various products, systems, and cleaning methods have been introduced to address the problem. While some of these products and methods have proven more effective than others, it has become … Continue reading

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Norwalk Aquatic Pavillion

12301 Sproul Street (562) 929-5622 Join a class, work out on your own, or just jump in and enjoy the Norwalk Aquatic Pavilion. Located at Norwalk Park, the Aquatic Pavilion is a state-of-the-art facility providing the community with opportunities for [...] More