People Parroting Pets?

See the resemblance?

It has been widely noted that pets often begin to resemble their owners, sometimes to comedic proportions. Why is that? What is it that will ultimately make me look similar to my 20-pound, mixed Siamese/Maine Coon cat? I personally don’t see the resemblance, although my wife tells me there is a strong likeness if I don’t shave for a couple days. There is actually scientific data to explain this phenomenon.  Stanley Coren, Ph.D.,  professor of psychology at the University of … Continue reading

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BCI Burke Commits $1.5 Million to “Play Today”

BCI Burke’s avid commitment to create outdoor recreation opportunities for kids’ play and fitness is ramping up savings on the most innovative and industry leading structures.  Burke’s NucleusTM, Intensity®, NaturePlay®, Little BuddiesTM, and VoltageTM play systems are featured in the “Play Today” grants totaling $1.5 million, along with an array of play freestanding favorites that include Burke Basics spinners, swings, climbers, drums and Rock ‘N’ Ride racecar. The “Play Today” grants incentivize leaders at schools, churches, child cares, municipalities, homeowners’ … Continue reading

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He’d been an intern for me for 6 months and a pretty good one at that.  He was punctual.  He stayed current on the news of the day and had an opinion that wasn’t without foundation.  He was courteous and likable and more than a few peers commented that he was, “a really good kid.”  That’s the kind of feedback you like to hear and he’d certainly earned it. Thus when, a few months after he’d completed his internship, I … Continue reading

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American Trails “Advancing Trails” Webinar Series

American Trails began presenting webinars in 2010 and is working to continue this popular type of computer and internet-based training. Webinars have proved to be cost-effective as well as an efficient use of time for people seeking to expand their knowledge and skills. Typically, a webinar lasts an hour and a half and focuses on a very specific topic and skills. Upcoming 2014 American Trails Webinars: MAY 15, 2014 Having It All: Integrating Habitat & Trails (presented by Robert Spurlock … Continue reading

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Life-Saving Lessons

Every day, about 10 people die from unintentional drowning, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Of these fatalities, two are children aged 14 or younger. Drowning ranks fifth among the leading causes of unintentional injury or death in the United States. For every child who dies from drowning, another five receive emergency-department care for nonfatal-submersion injured, the CDC states.  “Save Our Kids” is a joint program offered through the Henderson-VanceParks and Recreation Department and the Henderson YMCA … Continue reading

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Blackhawk Meadow Park

In 2001, The Byron Park District purchaed 9.38 acres of land on Mill Road for the first park in the District’s history. Facilities within the park include two sets of play equipment for different age groups, two half-court basketball courts, [...] More