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Categorized as a special-use park due to its size, location and the population it serves in the surrounding three-mile radius, the overall theme that has driven the design and development of the Paseo Vista Recreation Area is that the landfill is returning the waste material back to nature, while the recreation area will return the land back to the community.

“Chandler residents will come to have a different perspective and experience when they visit Paseo Vista; it isn’t a traditional greenbelt park setting,” Wilson says. “It will have tremendous views of the city along with some exciting new recreational offerings and environmentally-conscious features that will become a part of this new park experience.”

Liam O’Mahony is an Information Specialist with the Chandler Community Services Department. He can be reached at liam.o’ For more information on Chandler Parks and to view a rendering of Paseo Vista Recreation Area, visit

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