Smiles From Cottage Grove

Residents and visitors of Cottage Grove, Minn., have a new reason to smile, and splash.

Mayor Myron Bailey was joined by Council Members Jen Peterson and Justin Olsen in welcoming visitors to the city’s latest amenity – a Splashpad from Vortex Aquatic Structures International.

The purpose of the splash pad is partly to replace the swimming pool the city shut down last August. From the city’s perspective, the Splashpad is a good swap for the pool. The pool cost the city about $75,000 a year. It required several lifeguards and locker-room workers at all times, according to information released by Vortex.

But the Splashpad has almost no operational costs. That’s because no staffers are required — children turn on the water themselves by touching raised switch-pads. The water starts to flow and continues for five minutes. It alternates flowing from the guns, showers, and pop-up fountains.

The park shuts itself down during rainstorms. The Splashpad is a slab of concrete with no standing water anywhere — only showers that douse children.

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