Lead People Outdoors

Indoor paving and flooring don’t like to get wet, and cannot meet outdoor slip coefficients. Ideally, the same materials flow from the inside to the outside, but this is not always easy, and communication between the interior designer and landscape architect is essential.

The challenges can be well worth the hassles, especially in warmer climates. As discussed, the hospitality industry has been creating these types of outdoor spaces for years, particularly in the market dominated by the Gen-Y consumer. In hospitality, it is all about experiences.

As the resort and nightclub trends continue to gain momentum, interior designers and landscape architects will be pushed to create these unique environments. Challenging, but rewarding!

Victoria Currens is a principal with Style Interior Design, a full-service hospitality/commercial interior-design firm that works with some of the largest multi-family and master-planned community developers in the nation. The award-winning company has created innovative design solutions for a wide range of projects, including clubhouses, multi-family leasing centers, resorts, conference centers, spas, and information centers for master-planned communities. Visit www.style-interiors.com.

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