Here To Spray

In addition to structural savings, a 3,000-gallon cistern tank recycles water, cutting down on utility costs. Similar to that of a traditional pool, liquid chlorine and muriatic acid disinfection are combined with a sand-filter system to clean the recirculated water and protect users from waterborne illnesses.

Go With The Flow

To keep the installation running smoothly, two heavy-duty skimmers were added to the design of the splash pad this winter. The upgrade–catching all types of debris from barrettes to leaves–cost approximately $8,000. Rinsed twice a week, the skimmers help to maintain the highest level of splash-pad performance and cleanliness.

Additionally, an inconspicuous under-drain was recently installed near the main gate, eliminating pooling that had undermined the highly trafficked ForeverLawn synthetic-grass feature.

Future improvements may include adding carbon dioxide to help maintain the alkalinity, and installing ultraviolet light or ozone to supplement disinfection; removing chlorine-based disinfectants will eliminate skin irritation, red eyes and a lasting pool smell for visitors. Best of all, these technologies are safe, chemical-free and environmentally friendly.

Additional seating around the park is also a consideration.

A Little Vision Goes A Long Way

The new, interactive water playground is helping the park inspire the next generation of guests.

“I took my little rascals to the newly redone [park], and afterward it made me wish I could go back in time to being 10 again,” says Terry Tomalin, outdoors editor for the St. Petersburg Times.

Holmes would be thrilled at this reaction to the park. His dream has become a reality for this Florida community.

Sharon Heal Eichler, RLA, ASLA, LEED AP, is a Senior Landscape Architect with Wade Trim, Inc., a leading engineering, landscape architecture and planning firm, with 19 offices located in eight states. She can be reached at (813) 882-8366 or

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