Get A Grip On Golf-Course Design

Butterfly gardens and local farming also are gaining in popularity.

Blend With Nature

Recreating native habitat provides migration corridors for local wildlife. Cutting holes delicately from the surrounding woods allows for the harmonious blending of the two worlds. More naturalistic landscaping is also much easier to maintain and requires less water.

The real trick is to fit the golf greens and holes into the environment seamlessly, so they appear to have always existed there.

It is also paramount that the landscape architect appreciates what the golf course architect is trying to accomplish, so the landscaping accentuates the holes’ features, rather than detracting from them. This finessing of the final product can only happen on-site with a “hands-on” approach.

Bruce Howard is the President of Bruce Howard & Associates, a landscape-architecture, site-planning, and golf-course design firm in Miami, Fla. He can be reached via e-mail at

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