Evolving Dog-Park Design Standards

During the construction of the dog parks, shelters were included as a portion of the overall construction and are set at the entry. Users have told us they would rather have the shade located within the dog park itself.

· When are we going to have water?

A water fountain was installed at the entry to the dog park. This fountain is a three-tiered unit, with a regular-height fountain, a handicapped- accessible fountain and a dog-bowl fountain. This fountain is used by all park users, and is located at the dog park, but just a short distance away from two multi-use athletic fields and one baseball/softball field. The dog- park users still ask the staff if the fountain could be moved into the dog park.

· When can lights be installed at the dog park?

Although the dog park is located within an active sports park, we have no plans to install lights. Our concern is that if lights were in place, the dog park would be used 24 hours a day. The dog park is open during park hours, dawn to dusk.

As a whole, users of the dog park seem to be very protective of their pets and are looking for all the conveniences to be placed within the dog park – something we’ll be working on as we go forward.

Randy Burkhardt ASLA is a Landscape Architect employed by Douglas County, Colorado as the Parks and Trails Planner. He can be reached via email at rburkhar@douglas.co.us.

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One comment on “Evolving Dog-Park Design Standards

  1. Helen Schiele on said:

    Thank you for a well-written and informative report. Dog parks in my community are still quite primitive. Your report did not mention the damage caused to irrigated turf by dog urine. That appears to be a big concern with my city’s parks department. HS

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