Contract With A Conscience

Drip irrigation lines—Reduces water usage by up to 60 percent by delivering water directly to the roots.

It might seem like a lot of money to convert conventional systems at the outset, but by providing the data above, you might have an easier time selling clients on correcting many common mistakes.

You may be hesitant to suggest the cost savings options to clients, thinking it would be insane to take money out of your own pocket. After all, you will have to reduce the contract amount if there is less to do.

How many new clients do you think you could enroll by selling your company as “the guys who can save you money”? How many construction contracts can you sign for performing the work? How much karma can you pick up by helping save the environment?

The answer is the same for all three questions.

Timothy Reed, MLA, APLD, is a landscape designer for LandPatterns, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. Reach him at

1. Environmental Health News, Crystal Gammon, June 22, 2009

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