Where Did We Go Wrong?

Would a required state certification in landscape maintenance be beneficial in helping to promote proper landscape practices?

While this might be something that never comes to fruition in my state, I can only hope that with continued training, education and recognition, both our clients and landscape maintenance companies will begin to see the benefits of a properly maintained landscape.

If you would like to share any examples of ways you have seen or heard organizations working with landscape companies to encourage proper maintenance, please leave a comment or send me an email to the address listed below.

Boyd Coleman is a landscape architect in Phoenix, Arizona. He can be reached on Twitter at @CDGLA or email: bcoleman001@gmail.com.

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3 comments on “Where Did We Go Wrong?

  1. D. Marc Funderburk, ALSA LEED PA on said:

    I commend you on your article and share your frustration as we’ve gone down similar paths. The entry threshold for landscape maintenance companies is very low. A pick up and lawn mower and you’re in business. Governmental regulation would be a good move, but I don’t think people within the industry would look favorably on more regulation and most governmental agencies do not have the funds to take on more regulatory responsiblity. We spend a lot of time educating our staff on the positive benfits of sound design and horticultural practices, but more importantly, we educate our clients on the positive impacts of sensible and sustainable management practices. We are constantly preparing client-based presentations that illustrate these benefits. We feel that an educated consumer is the only way to preserve the design integrity of our projects and create a sustainable environment.

  2. Boyd Coleman on said:

    Thanks for the comment, Marc! I’ve received a few emails from other frustrated landscape designers and architects who share very similar points-of-view with you and me. One commonality in everyone’s opinion is that we need to focus on education; both with the landscape maintenance industry and with the clients. I know this is not an easy task. As you mention, it’s not difficult to enter into the maintenance profession and call yourself a landscaper. Hopefully, in time, we as landscape architects can shift the thinking from economy at any cost to sustainability and proper maintenance at a fair cost.

  3. Garden Design Sydney on said:

    According to my opinion, landscape maintenance is the art and vocation of keeping a landscape healthy, clean, safe and attractive. Landscape maintenance includes landscape design, installation and maintenance, garden maintenance service, and maintenance of indoor plants.

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