The Building Blocks Of Childhood

When I was a boy, one of my favorite pastimes was playing with Legos. The great thing about Legos was that with enough blocks and a little imagination, you could create almost anything. I can remember my mom and dad cursing when they stepped on a lost or neglected block in the middle of the night, then threatening to take away the Legos forever if we didn’t pick them all up the following day. But for some reason, they never …


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2 comments on “The Building Blocks Of Childhood

  1. Eric Torrey on said:

    A few months ago I was in the toy store looking for a gift for a friend’s child — and trying to remember what sort of things I liked when I was his age. I finished one aisle and started into the next, and there is was — CREEPY CRAWLERS. (I think of it as the Easy Bake Oven for boys — we wouldn’t eat our creations, but we did have to bake them.) And just as you wrote in your blog, I WAS transported back to childhood and memories of making gooey spiders and worms and other creatures that were mostly eyeball.

    It was difficult to do, but I did leave the store with only ONE set — along with extra goo and a set of Creepy Crawler molds for creatures not included in the Basic set. And, my gift was a major hit. I now am the proud owner of a blue spider thingy that he made for me. It’s nice, but one of these days I’ll have to get together with him and show him how to take different colors of the goo and swirl them together to make a REALLY CREEPY CRAWLER.

  2. Boyd Coleman on said:

    What a great story Eric! Thanks for sharing! I remember the Creepy Crawlers when I was kid too. So fun!

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