Sustainable Communication

Or, perhaps worse, lose any gained respect from my allied professionals and colleagues in communicating my interpretation of the writing challenge.

So I rewrote my project approach four times, and finally summarized with this:

“Our design responsibility to the community and environment warrant a professional diligence in protecting the public health and conserving natural resources. The practice of combining the elements of Complete Streets, ISWM, and LID are not always easy. It will take deliberate and concentrated efforts of many professions that endorse and embrace sustainable ideals and opportunities.”

When achieved goals of Complete Streets, iSWM, and LID successfully benefit a project with a true application of environmental stewardship, so, too, can opportunities to write, interpret, and communicate those same benefits to all professions that impact the environment with their decisions.

My last statement in the project approach said this: “If simply communicated, success will more easily find the environmentally responsible projects.”


I think yes!

And one other note on this holiday weekend:

Remember, the real Easter eggs are biodegradable; the plastic ones need to find a recycle bin when you’re done with them.

Have a complete, impactful, and managed Easter weekend, y’all.

Tim May is a professional landscape architect and LEED AP for TNP in Forth Worth, Texas. He can be reached via email at or by twitter at @TMay82

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