May I Have Your Attention?

Ahhhh, I will have a few more of those, please, however many you can spare!

Why is it that some contractors do questionable construction things? Are they merely chasing shortcuts and alternatives better suited to their business bottom line? When it comes to design and construction and usability, do they truly know better than the owner or landscape architect?

How about this: Do they simply gamble on not getting caught? Perhaps they reason that no one will compare what was built to what was on the plans, to what their bid-turned-contract obligates them to do.

As a construction administrator, how do you get the contractor’s attention, yet encourage continued construction progress and cooperation? Are you able to maintain the support of the owner while gaining the contractor’s confidence in how you conduct your business?

Are we as a profession negligent in our training of a construction-intelligent generation of new landscape architects?

So many questions in need of answers. And probably so many answers to the few questions presented.

I hope the weather is like your favorite contractor and affords you an enjoyable weekend. Please give it some thought over the next couple of days, and then by all means, let me know.

Tim May is a professional landscape architect and LEED AP for TNP in Forth Worth, Texas. He can be reached via email at or by twitter at @TMay82

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