Good Design

What makes good design? Earlier this week, a group of co-workers and I were having lunch and talking about some of our current projects and the progress we were making. It wasn’t long before we started talking about upcoming projects, and one in particular that is planning to kick off sometime this week. As we discussed our roles and ideas for the design phase of the project, someone asked, “What makes good design?” In the midst of the silence that …


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One comment on “Good Design

  1. Sieglinde Anderson on said:

    In my area I find an incredible amount of bad garden design. I have been asking myself the question “why is it so bad in this area?” The only conclusion I have come to so far is the fact that so-called “designers” (and everybody is a designer, from Master Gardeners to nursery people to “landscape contractors”), who have next to no training, don’t know and don’t understand basic design principles and neither do their clients. Sometimes it seems “who can do it cheapest” rather than who can do it best wins out. One of my guiding rules throughout 30-plus years of garden design has been to apply “is it appropriate” to my design work. It was the favorite question asked by one of my professors at OSU during project presentations. It seems to me that’s another way of saying “form follows function”. I think you are correct in saying that with experience comes the ability to feel when a design is right and with it the conviction to make a good presentation (ie. selling your design to the client).
    I feel really let down by ASLA for not promoting residential design more even though the majority of landscape architects practice residential design.

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